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  • Vladimir G. Baranovsky
    Doctor of Science (History), Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Deputy Director of the Institute of the World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), RAS (2003–2006)

  • Yelena N. Danilova
    Candidate of Science (Sociology), Head of the Division for Theoretical Analysis of Social Transformations, Institute of Sociology, RAS

  • Leokadia M. Drobizheva
    Professor, Doctor of Science (History), Director of the Institute of Sociology, RAS (2002–2006)

  • Galina I. Zvereva
    Professor, Doctor of Science (History), Head of the Culture History and Theory, Russian State Humanitarian University

  • Leonid G. Ionin
    Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Professor of the General Sociology Chair of the Sociology Department, State University — Higher School of Economics (2002–2004)

  • Alexander B. Kamensky
    Professor, Doctor of Science (History), Head of the National Ancient and Middle Ages History Chair, Russian State Humanitarian University

  • Vladimir K. Kantor
    Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Editorial Board member of the Voprosy Philosophii („Philosophy Issues“) journal of the Russian Academy of Science (2002–2003)

  • Andrei V. Kortunov
    Candidate of Science (History), President of ISE-Center

  • Alexei A. Maslov
    Professor, Doctor of Science (History), Head of the General History Chair, Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship (2002–2004)

  • Andrei Y. Melvil
    Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Research Vice-Rector, MGIMO University (RF Ministry for Foreign Affairs) (2002–2006)

  • Vladimir V. Mironov
    Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Vice-Rector, Moscow State University (2002–2003)

  • Vasily V. Mikheyev
    Doctor of Science (Economics), Deputy Director of the Institute of the Far East, RAS (2004–2006)

  • Valentina G. Fedotova
    Professor, Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science, Head of the Social Philosophy Sector of the Institute of Philosophy, RAS (2004–2006)

  • Yelena B. Shestopal
    Doctor of Science (Philosophy), Head of the Political Psychology Chair, Moscow State University (2002–2006)

  • Andrei V. Yurevich
    Doctor of Science (Psychology), Deputy Director of the Psychology Institute, RAS


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