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On February 19 the XVIII Meeting of CASE Board members took place in Moscow

The meeting was held in Moscow office of MacArthur Foundation.

Among the participants of the event:

  • Deana Arsenian, Carnegie Corporation of New York
  • Alexander Chubarian, Institute of general history, Russian Academy of Science
  • Mark Johnson, Colorado College
  • Andrei Kortunov, ISE Center
  • Robert Legvold, Columbia University
  • Blair Ruble, Kennan Institute
  • Michael Strikhanov, Russian Mnistry of Education
  • Tatiana Zhdanova, The Catherine  T. and John D. MacArthur Foundation, Russia


  • Sergei Gubin, Federal State Science Institute „Interfizika“
  • Irina Laktionova, ISE Center
  • Tatiana Vagina, ISE Center
  • Megan Yasenchak, Kennan Institute

The Board members discussed the analytical report of Mark Johnson, prepared as a result of the CASE monitoring, as well as the strategies of future CASE development, staff and administrative issues.


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