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On April, 1 the participants of network project „The Future of Russia: a View from the Center and the Regions — Political Dimension“ held by the ISE-Center took part in The British onference for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES), Cambridge, UK

The VII annual BASEES conference was held on 31st March — 2nd April in Fitz-William College at Cambridge. The participants from the ISE-Center presented a panel „The political future of Russia up to 2020“. The official web-site of the conference:

The participants and their reports are listed below:

  • Chair: Helen Shestopal (Moscow State University, Russia).
  • Oksana Gaman-Golutvina (Moscow Institute for Foreign Relations, Russia) „The Russian Federal Elite as the Key Actor of Political Development“ (paper, in Russian).
  • Tatiana Pishcheva (Moscow State University, Russia) „Mass Consciousness and Scenarios of Russia’s Political Development“ (paper).
  • Konstantin Zavershinsky (Novgorod State University, Russia) „A Regional Perspective on Modern „Kremlin“ Power: the View from „Novgorod Republic““ (paper).
  • Vasily Zorin (Chelyabinsk State University, Russia) „The Future Development of the Russian Political System: a View from the Ural Region (paper)“.
  • Valery Konovalov (Rostov State University) „The Future Politics of Rostov Region“ (paper).


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