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Organizations, which supported on joint projects with Russian Centers for Advanced Study and Education

  • Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Science
    Joint project with Saratov, Voronezh, Novgorod and Ural Cases «Dialogue of cultures and civilizations» (Project director – PhD of history, professor V.P.Budanova, Candidate of philosophy V.M. Hachaturian)

  • Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Science
    Joint project with Novgorod and Ural CASEs « Civil and ethnic identity: problems of integration of the Russian society » (Project director – Candidate of psychology V.S. Magun)

  • Russian State University for the Humanities
    Joint project with Novgorod, Rostov and Tomsk CASEs «Culture of region in the changing world: local and global measurements” (Project director – PhD of History, professor G.I. Zvereva)

  • St.Petersburg's Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Science
    Joint project with Saratov CASE «H istorian and authority in XX century: state, society, individual destiny» (Project director – PhD of History, A.V. Gladyshev)

  • Institute of World Economy and International Relations
    Joint project with Baltic CASE «The Baltic region as a pole of economic integration of North-West of Russian Federation and EU» (Project director – G.M. Fedorov)

  • Institute of strategic evaluations
    Joint project with Baltic CASE « The Kaliningrad area in a context of modernization of Russia and Europe» (Project director – S.K.Oznobishev)

  • Moscow State University
    Joint project with Voronezh CASE « History and philosophy of a science as object of interdisciplinary researches » (Project director – PhD of Philosophy, professor A.S. Kravets)
    Joint project with with Saratov CASE « Problem of perception of authority in a context of identity » (Project director – Candidate of History, T.V.Evgenyeva)

  • Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
    Joint project with Irkutsk CASE «Russia and East: View from Siberia» (Project director – PhD of History, professor V.P.Oltarzhevsky)

  • International Studies Association
    Joint project with Rostov CASE «Theoretical and methodological bases of research of national modernization in a context of partnership between Russia and EU» (Project director – PhD of History, professor A.I.Narezhny)

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