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In late September representatives of donors and operators of the Centers for Advanced Studies and Education Program made a work visit to the Irkutsk and Far East CASEs.
The visiting team consisted of:
  • Diana Arsenyan, Russian Programs Director, Carnegie Corporation of New York (USA);
  • Blair A. Ruble, Director, Kennan Institute (USA);
  • V. Shestak, Head of International Programs Department of the Russian Ministry of Education;
  • V. Ustinova, Program Administrative Assistant, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Moscow;
  • A. Kortunov, President of the ISE-Center;
  • I. Laktionova, Executive Director of the ISE-Center;
  • T. Vaghina, Program coordinator at the ISE-Center;
  • Professor A. Maslov, Academic Supervisor of the Far East CASE.
The visit program included meetings with Rectors of the Irkutsk and Far East Universities, Mr. A. Smirnov and Mr. V. Kurilov; management and staff of the respective CASEs, members of their Academic Boards and task managers, as well as grass-root scholars. The meetings were focused on the most important issues faced by CASEs, their immediate and long-term development strategy, institutional problems and possible solutions.

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