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Challenges of Globalization and the Problems Facing Big, Semi-peripheral Countries (China, India, Russia, Brazil)
Executive Editors: V. Krasilshikov, V. Salitsky, V. Khoros
This compilation is based on materials of an international seminar which took place in Moscow in 2001, organized jointly by the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (Russian Academy of Science) and the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI). The seminar focused on the problems of big, semi-peripheral countries (including China, India, Russia and Brazil) which play a special role in modern international economics. They are negatively affected by globalization processes (increasing dependence on World Economy Center, narrowed domestic markets, etc.). On the other hand, as major economic systems, those countries have substantial capacity for resisting such trends. Problems of this sort were the central focus of the book.


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