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Rambler's Top100

As part of the second projects competition for individual and collective research grants in the area of social sciences and humanities, 102 grants were awarded under the CASE Program.
Grantees Project City CASE
1 Loginov Aleksej Valer`evich Tolerance: the issue of means of symbolization. Ekaterinburg Ural CASE
2 Petrov Andrej Evgen`evich Myths of Russia's ancient history in modern historic awareness. Moscow Novgorod CASE
3 Chernyadeva Natal`ya Alekseevna, Belavin Andrej Mihajlovich, Shennikova Larisa Vladimirovna Legal framework for museums' activity in Russia. Perm` Novgorod CASE
4 Yarov Sergej Viktorovich Soviet society in 1917  1920: conformist. St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
5 Nizhnikov Sergej Anatol`evich Kant and the metaphysics of faith in Russia. Malahovka, Moskovskaya oblast` Baltic CASE
6 Vereshagin Aleksandr Sergeevich, Yankovskaya Galina Aleksandrovna, Gekkina Elena Nikolaevna, Markasova Elena Valer`evna, Ermachenko Igor` Olegovich The power of money versus Soviet power: the problem of material well-being and «political nostalgia» of 1920's and 1990's (comparative aspect). Ufa, Perm`, Petrozavodsk, St.Petersburg, St.Petersburg Saratov CASE
7 Lur`e Svetlana Vladimirovna Mechanisms shaping inter-cultural communication, and culture-to-culture interaction scenarios: trends towards restructuring of tolerant ethnic relations in the poli-ethnical society of modern Russia. St.Petersburg Ural CASE
8 Osika Yulianna L`vovna The value aspects of shaping the «Workwoman» mythologeme in the early years of Soviet power (based on Soviet national press). St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
9 Bol`shakov Andrej Georgievich The policy of strengthening the «vertical of power», and the crisis of quasi-federalism in contemporary Russia (the Republic of Tatarstan case). Kazan` Saratov CASE
10 Hristoforova Ol`ga Borisovna The role of communicative behavior models in the inter-cultural communication (based on Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area material). Luhovicy, Moskovskaya oblast` Ural CASE
11 Ozheredov Yurij Ivanovich, Yarzutkina Anastasiya Alekseevna, Korusenko Mihail Andreevich Local mythology in the traditional cultural space of Siberian Tatars (related to the study and preservation of values). Tomsk, Omsk, Omsk Novgorod CASE
12 Veselkova Natal`ya Vadimovna, Pryamikova Elena Viktorovna The social competence of growing-up. Ekaterinburg Saratov CASE
13 Rumyanceva Marina Fedorovna Epistemological concept of Alexander Lappo-Danilevsky in the context of European philosophy in the second half of 19th and early 20th cc. Moscow Baltic CASE
14 Koval` Tat`yana Borisovna, Homyakova Elena Vladimirovna, Braslavskij Pavel Isaakovich The Christian tradition of tolerance in social and economic relations: Russia and the West. Comparative analysis and key development trends. Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg Ural CASE
15 Svetlov Roman Viktorovich, Cyb Aleksej Vasil`evich Platonism in European and Russian culture: the issue of mutual influence and inter-culture dialogue. St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
16 Smotrova Tat`yana Nikolaevna, Zemskova Elena Vyacheslavovna, Gricenko Valentina Caucasus immigrants and criminality: a study in susceptibility to the impact of drug environment. Balashov, Saratovskaya oblast` Ural CASE
17 Azarenko Sergej Aleksandrovich, Bazarov Evgenij Yur`evich Russian semiosphere of power: multiplicity of languages and the issue of social dualism. Ekaterinburg Saratov CASE
18 Lagutina Irina Nikolaevna Cultural identity and religious awareness: German intellectual elite in Russia, late 18th  early 19th cc. Moscow Baltic CASE
19 Bychkov Sergej Pavlovich National history in the images of Russian feature films. Omsk Ural CASE
20 Pas`ko Olesya Nikolaevna Patterns of group identity: «diagnostics» of social links. Krasnodar Ural CASE
21 Sablina Svetlana Gennad`evna Barriers to inter-cultural communication in contemporary Russia. Novosibirsk Voronezh CASE
22 Zajcev Igor` Nikolaevich Reception of Kant's ethics in the Russian philosophy and literature of 19th c. St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
23 Smirnova Yuliya Borisovna, Shil`nikova Irina Veniaminovna Labor culture of factory workers in the post-reform Russia. Yaroslavl` Tomsk CASE
24 Weblanova Veronika Vyacheslavovna, Surkova Irina Yur`evna Social aftermath of terrorist acts: ethno-confessional tensions vector in the civilian and military communities. Saratov Saratov CASE
25 Makarchenko Marina Arnol`dovna A study in organizational culture (firm's culture)  the case of St. Petersburg enterprises. St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
26 Usachev Andrej Sergeevich The views of a mid-16th century scribe in the context of cultural values dynamics: From the Nikon Chronicle to the Stepennaia Kniga (Book of Stages) (terminological analysis). Moscow Novgorod CASE
27 Titarenko Ivan Yur`evich Creating methodology to develop a field of legal knowledge for a mass-scale training of specific (non-lawyer) groups of population, in order to increase economic and social stability. Bijsk Tomsk CASE
28 Chistyakov Anton Yur`evich, Kiselev Stanislav Borisovich Ethnical identity of the contemporary population of Russia's North-West. St.Petersburg Voronezh CASE
29 Fedorov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich European philosophical and mystical tradition, and the Russian philosophical thought, from the last three decades of 18th c. to the first three decades of 20th c. Nizhnij Novgorod Baltic CASE
30 Novikova Anastasiya Aleksandrovna Media education in Russia in the context of globalization. Taganrog Baltic CASE
31 Rud` Natal`ya Petrovna Specificity of artistic culture languages of the Nivkhs, as reflective of their special mentality (based on folklore music and ornamental art). Khabarovsk Novgorod CASE
32 Lehcier Vitalij Leonidovich Russian modifications in phenomenology: the influence of F. Brentano's and E. Husserl's phenomenology on the intuitivism of N. Lossky's and philosophic psychology of S. Frank. Samara Baltic CASE
33 Charina Ol`ga Iosifovna, Larionova Anna Semenovna, Strogova Ekaterina Alekseevna, Vasil`eva Rimma Innokent`evna Russian old-timers in the Lena river basin at a historic intersection of cultures, second half of 20th and beginning of 21st century: ethnography, language and folklore. Yakutsk Irkutsk CASE
34 Antowenko Aleksandr Vasil`evich, Leont`ev Aleksej Anatol`evich A piece of monumental art as a historiographic source (based on the «Millenium of Russia» monument). Petrozavodsk Novgorod CASE
35 Piweva Tat`yana Nikolaevna, Shelekasova Natal`ya Petrovna Psychological barriers in the perception of politicians' images. Moscow Saratov CASE
36 Martynov Mihail Yur`evich, Nenashev Maksim Aleksandrovich, Dorogon`ko Evgeniya Valer`evna Ethnic schools for small indigenous peoples of the North in the region's vocational education system. Surgut Irkut CASE
37 Boronin Oleg Valer`evich, Bykov Andrej Yur`evich Potential for ethnic conflict in the Chu valley (Altai mountains), and resolution mechanism. Barnaul Tom CASE
38 Brednikova Ol`ga Evgen`evna Window to Europe: contemporary Russian borders and the process of territorization (the case of Russian-Estonian border area). St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
39 Kaufman Igor` Samuilovich Perception of Spinosa's ideas in the Russian philosophy of 19th  20th cc.. History of philosophy. St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
40 Kurganov Aleksej Vital`evich, Lobanova Alevtina Stepanovna, Tran`kov Aleksej Leonidovich, Chetina Elena Mihajlovna Traditional values in the age of «cultural fractures». Perm` Novgorod CASE
41 Trigubovich Nataliya Viktorovna, Chausskaya Ol`ga Anatol`evna, Pulyaevskaya Lyubov` Vladislavovna Russian family: parent-children relationships (legal aspect) Saratov Saratov CASE
42 Lur`e Mihail Lazarevich, Golovin Valentin Vadimovich, Kuleshov Evgenij Vital`evich Modern soldier subculture: social structure, rituals, and folklore. St.Petersburg Voronezh CASE
43 Martynenko Aleksandr Valentinovich, Shilov Nikolaj Vladimirovich, Grachev Sergej Vladimirovich Orthodox Christianity and Islam in the Mordovia Republic: problems of dialogue (late 19th  20th cc.). Saransk Voronezh CASE
44 Chudinov Aleksandr Viktorovich, Gladyshev Andrej Vladimirovich, Kalashnikov Mihail Vasil`evich The concept of «liberalism» in French and Russian political discourse in 19th century. Moscow, Saratov, Saratov Saratov CASE
45 Shagalova Ekaterina Nikolaevna Developments in modern Russian culture and the way they are reflected in the language. Latest borrowings: vocabulary, its content and functional aspects. St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
46 Vinokurov Evgenij Yur`evich The shaping of a new foreign trade regime for Kaliningrad region, resulting from EU expansion and Russia's accession to WTO, and regional trade flows. Kaliningrad Baltic CASE
47 Tarasov Il`ya Nikolaevich The upper chamber of the post-Communist parliament: experiences of Russia and Eastern Europe. Saratov Saratov CASE
48 Voronina Tat`yana Yur`evna Breeding the «Soviet person» in 1930's: "educational practices" of the Soviet Red Cross. St.Petersburg Saratov CASE
49 Lidzar` Tat`yana Anatol`evna Economic relations and gender strategies in small business. Khabarovsk Ural CASE
50 Kardinskaya Svetlana Vladlenovna Udmurts today: ethnical identity and national ideology in the structuralist aspect. Izhevsk Ural CASE
51 Pozdnyak Tat`yana Zinov`evna Treatment of immigrants by Russian society and authorities (the case of Far East in 19th  early 20th cc.). Vladivostok Irkut CASE
52 Ovsyannikov Igor` Vladimirovich New philosophy in Russia's 21st century legal culture (based on Russian law of evidence). Moskovskaya oblast`, Ruzskij rajon Novgorod CASE
53 Kochetkov Igor` Viktorovich Agrarian revolution and farming in the North-West of Russia (1918-1928). St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
54 Zav`yalova Tat`yana Georgievna The role of traditional strategem culture in modern China's social life and international contacts. Novosibirsk Far East CASE
55 Grigorichev Konstantin Vadimovich Western Siberia regions in a system of migratory links with Kazakhstan. Barnaul Irkut CASE
56 Messhtyb Nina Aleksandrovna The Northern ethnic settlement in the context of political, social and economic transformation of late 20th  early 21st cc. Orehovo-Zuevo Irkut CASE
57 Gulevich Ol`ga Aleksandrovna The Trial Jury as an institute of legal socialization. Zelenograd Novgorod CASE
58 Dubrovskaya Ol`ga Nikolaevna Inter-cultural communication and mutual understanding of cultures (based on complex speech events). Saratov Voronezh CASE
59 Kalabanov Aleksandr Nikolaevich Schism or reform: innovative movements in the Russian Orthodox Church (the case of the Candlemas Orthodox Christian Fraternity). Moscow Voronezh CASE
60 Lyarskaya Elena Vladimirovna, Kolosova Valeriya Borisovna Transformation of traditional family values of Nenets inhabitants of the Yamal peninsula. St.Petersburg Irkut CASE
61 Makarova Nina Ivanovna, Korolev Sergej Leonidovich Social background and axiological nature of non-violence education. Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Novgorod CASE /Tomsk CASE /Ural CASE
62 Milovanov Yurij Evgen`evich Political and cultural «enclavization» of Northern Caucasus territories as a factor conducive to separatism. Rostov-na-Donu Ural CASE
63 Solov`eva Anna Nikolaevna The world of values in the ethnic subculture of the Russian North in 20th century: tradition, modernity, and post-modernity. Arkhangel`sk Novgorod CASE
64 Maslovskaya Tamara Ivanovna, Bondar` Larisa Dmitrievna Baltic region of Eastern Europe: philosophical and socio-cultural analytics. St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
65 Poleva Yuliya Vladimirovna Cave-dwellers in Saratov and Voronezh provinces (17th  first three decades of 20th cc.) in a system of Church politics. Volgograd Saratov CASE
66 Zabiyako Andrej Pavlovich, Anihovskij Stanislav E`duardovich, Kobyzov Roman Aleksandrovich The image of Russia and the Russians in the Chinese ethnic conscience (ethno-social depiction of Chinese Diaspora). Blagovewensk, Moscow, Blagovewensk Far East
67 Kushkova Anna Nikolaevna Daily conflict in the modern Russian village: collective perceptions and social practices. St.Petersburg Voronezh CASE
68 Ahmitzyanov Ramzis Raisovich, Kadyrov Salavat Hismatovich, Sidorova Ol`ga Viktorovna Employment and social protection for the elderly: "Do you still need me… when I'm 64?" Ufa Saratov CASE
69 Goncharov Yurij Mihajlovich Urban family of Siberia in the second half of 19th  early 20th cc. Barnaul Irkutsk CASE
70 Hristoforov Igor` Anatol`evich Constructing the image: Russian peasantry in public thinking and government policies of 1870's  early 1880's. Luhovicy, Moskovskaya oblast` Voronezh CASE
71 Zenkova Anna Yur`evna, Sharov Sergej Aleksandrovich The province and the global environment: expressing attitudes to the "Other" in different cultures. Ekaterinburg Moscow Ural CASE
72 Kolpachnikov Veniamin Valentinovich Communicative competence of the human being (based on the mastery of human-centered skills), and tolerance. Ekaterinburg Ural CASE
73 Sergunin Aleksandr Anatol`evich Cooperation on Kaliningrad as a factor strengthening sub-region security. Nizhnij Novgorod Baltic CASE
74 Malinov Aleksej Valer`evich, Peshperova Izol`da Yur`evna Theoretical and methodological aspects of Russia's 18th century historic philosophy. Baksitogorsk, St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
75 Dushin Oleg E`rnestovich Between Middle Ages and New Times: Martin Luther and Scholasticism. St.Petersburg Baltic CASE
76 Volodina Tat`yana Andreevna History in secondary school and the shaping of identity: a trial comparative study. Tula Baltic CASE
77 Yurina Elena Andreevna Figurative language as a factor contributing to cultural and historic awareness (based on description of associative and imaginative semantic fields of the Russian language). Tomsk Tom CASE
78 Orlova Galina Anatol`evna Soviet political demonology (1920's  1980's). Rostov na Donu Saratov CASE
79 Dorzhigushaeva Oyuna Vladimirovna Tolerance as ethnic foundation for inter-cultural dialogue in Buddhist regions of Russia. Ulan-Ude` Ural CASE
80 Napol`skih Vladimir Vladimirovich Origin, ethno-linguistic belonging and history of Yugra as described in the annals, in light of early Ob'-Ugrian-Perm contacts. Izhevsk Ural CASE
81 Latov Yurij Valer`evich, Vukolova Tat`yana Sergeevna, Latova Nataliya Valer`evna Economic mentality of Russians: Tula  Russia  the World. Tula, Tula, Moscow Novgorod CASE
82 Kalashnikova Marina Vladimirovna The text of power / the text about power (prison press and prison folklore of the Soviet era). St.Petersburg Saratov CASE
83 Bertash Aleksandr Vital`evich Protecting cultural heritage in 20th  early 21st cc. the State and the Orthodox church on the way to cooperation in the North-Western region St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
84 Dolbilov Mihail Dmitrievich Rusification in the North-Western corner of the Empire (1855  1874). Periphery administration in the hierarchy of Russian bureaucracy's priorities. Voronezh Baltic CASE
85 Dashkovskij Petr Konstantinovich Mentality and worldview of Altai nomads: translational processes in historic and cultural retrospective, and under modernization. Barnaul Irkut CASE
86 Levkievskaya Elena Evgen`evna Ukrainians in the eyes of Russians: the evolution of ethno-cultural and linguistic stereotypes. Moscow Voronezh CASE
87 Shtyrkov Sergej Anatol`evich, Makarova Veronika Yur`evna, Filicheva Oksana Nikolaevna Tradition of worshiping rural relics in the North-West of Russia, late 20th  early 21st cc. St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
88 Malysheva Svetlana Yur`evna, Nagornaya Oksana Sergeevna, Narskij Igor` Vladimirovich, Nikonova Ol`ga Yur`evna, Sal`nikova Alla Arkad`evna Russia in the "age of disasters", and cultural memory. Kazan`, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk, Kazan` Novgorod CASE
89 Vishlenkova Elena Anatol`evna, Parsamov Vadim Surenovich War and peace as cultural universals of the Russian imperial mentality. Kazan`, Saratov Saratov CASE
90 Shuvaeva Viktoriya Viktorovna Inter-regional study of the organizational culture of public service. Volgograd Voronezh CASE
91 Stepanov Valerij Leonidovich Prerequisites of monetary reform designed by Sergei Vitte: The policy of Finance Ministry in 1881  1892 Moscow Voronezh CASE
92 Dacyshen Vladimr Grigor`evich International relations development issues in Tuva in the second half of 19th and first quarter of 20th cc. Krasnoyarsk Tom CASE
93 Novozhenina Inna Vladimirovna Nikolai Alexeev's ideological and theoretical system: historic and legal analysis in value dimension. Ufa Novgorod CASE
94 Gurova Ol`ga Yur`evna, Echevskaya Ol`ga Gennad`evna The value of things in the Soviet and post-Soviet Russia St.Petersburg Novosibirsk Novgorod CASE
95 Slavgorodskaya Natal`ya Alekseevna Folklore cliches expressing behavioral norms in contemporary being: Tradition and innovation. St.Petersburg Novgorod CASE
96 Akol`zina Marina Konstantinovna, Morozova E`lla Aleksandrovna, Konchakov Roman Borisovich, Strekalova Natal`ya Valer`evna The contribution of foreigners in the development of Russian provincial culture in 19th  early 20th cc. in the context of cultural dialogue (based on Tambov guberniya materials). Tambov, Rasskazovo, Tambov, Tambovskaya oblast` Voronezh CASE
97 Dordzhieva Elena Valer`evna Kalmucks' cultural tradition and the modernity. E`lista Voronezh CASE
98 Anohina Natal`ya Vyacheslavovna, Meleshkina Elena Yur`evna Electoral protest as a challenge to regional government's legitimacy. Moscow Saratov CASE
99 Seleznev Aleksandr Gennad`evich, Belich Igor` Vladimirovich, Selezneva Irina Aleksandrovna Siberian Islam: Regional version of religious syncretism. Omsk, Tobol`sk, Omsk Irkutsk CASE
100 Limanskaya Kseniya Andreevna, Goloviznina Marina Vladimirovna Juvenile Temporary Detention Center: social control, socialization, and the reproduction of minors' criminal subculture. St.Petersburg, Perm` Saratov CASE
101 Tev Denis Borisovich, Oreh Ekaterina Aleksandrovna, Daugavet Aleksandra Borisovna, Hosueva Natal`ya Vladimirovna Economic and political administration elites in the region: their forms and interactions in the post-Soviet period (based on the examples of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region). St.Petersburg Saratov CASE
102 Oparina Tat`yana Anatol`evna Foreigners in Russia in 16th  17th cc. Essays in historic biography and genealogy. Moscow Voronezh CASE

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