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The type of search allows to assign the search phrase transformation method. The following search types are accessible:
  • word forms  the search system finds all possible word forms for all words in request, existence in a document of at least one word form serves as a fit criteria
  • exact fit  all words are searched for as they were typed by a user, with no transformations, the fit criteria is existence in a document of all request words
  • phrase  the text typed in or pasted by a user is searched for as a single whole; this method provides the most accurate correspondence of the documents found to the request
The text of request  a word or a phrase. The search system allows to use a special syntax for more accurate wording of the search criteria set. This syntax includes the following logical operators:
  • &  logical AND; using this operator implies that the search results should include documents containing both phrases, the operator-integrated data
  • |  logical OR; the documents found may contain any of the operator-integrated phrases
  • !  negation; the documents found may not contain phrases preceded by this operator (note: this operation may not be used at the start of request)
  • ( )  parenthesis; allow to group phrases in the search request
Apart from logical operations, the system allows to use search by a word mask. Symbols * and ? should be used for that.
  • *  any number of letters
  • ?  one letter
Samples of requests:
a & ( b | c )  search all documents containing word a and word b or word c
a | b ! c  search all documents containing word a or word b and not containing word c
a* | b   search all documents containing words beginning with a or b
The sorting criteria allows to establish the method of sorting the search results  in sorting by date, the first will appear the latest in date documents, in sorting by exact fit  the documents most fully fitting to the search request. The degree of correspondence is defined based on the number of words in a document which were typed in or pasted in the search request.
The time period allows to restrict the search area by today's date. yesterday's date, past week and past month. The search will be made throughout all server documents by default.
Sections  search areas restricted by a specific section or several server sections. The search will be made throughout all sections by default.

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