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Информация о стипендии Джона Смита на 2008 г.

Фонд имени Джона Смита объявляет конкурс для участия в программе, которая состоится в июне-июле следующего года. Сведения о конкурсе см. ниже.

The Programme aims to strengthen and deepen democratic awareness and good governance through a study programme in the UK and placements that show the workings of democratic organisations and their role within a democratic society.

Applications for Fellowships are invited from:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

The Trust can only accept applications from the seven countries listed above.

The Trust aims to recruit high-flying and influential young leaders who will make a substantial impact on the future development of their countries. The Fellowship Programme is open to political leaders, government or local government officials, journalists/media experts, lawyers and influential young leaders from civil society or the NGO sector. The «ideal» candidate will be aged 25-35, with a track record of concern for good governance and promoting democratic values. Good written and spoken English is essential.

Further information about recruitment criteria, application details and deadlines can be obtained from the Trust´s website:


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