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Центральный Европейский Университет объявляет о проведении серии 2-3 недельных курсов по гуманитарным и социальным наукам в рамках программы «Летний университет» (SUN) для ученых, исследователей, преподавателей и аспирантов.

The CEU Summer University (SUN) offers a series of high-level, research based, intensive, two and three-week courses in the social sciences and humanities. It is aiming to involve a high-level international faculty (including CEU faculty), and excellent advanced doctoral students, junior or post-doctoral researchers, teachers and professionals as participants. The summer courses are designed to provide help to develop and refine participants' research and policy agenda as well as integrate their teaching with innovative research.

Please find enclosed the course list for the summer of 2004.

Applications should be received no later than January 15, 2004. Fee-paying applications can be submitted continuously until May 17, 2004.

For further information please contact SUN office ( ), write to automatic e-mail account to receive an application form ( ), or visit our WEB site where you can find the application form and the description of each course. Applicants are encouraged to apply online at and send the attachments via regular mail by the January 15 deadline.


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