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Russia-based charity organization ISE-Center (Information. Scholarship. Education) was set up in 2002. ISE-Center major goals and objectives include the following:

  • Promoting the development of social and humanitarian sciences in Russia;
  • Enhancing creative activity and scientific potential of the Russian society;
  • Disseminating humane and democratic principles in the areas of science and education;
  • Promoting international cooperation in science and education and maintaining close links among scientists;
  • Expanding possibilities for the involvement of young scientists in international scientific projects.

The organization addresses scientific, social, charity and educational issues as well as other targets of promoting public benefit.

The main activities of the ISE-Center (Information. Scholarship. Education) are as follows:

  • Initiating and sponsoring scientific research in political science, sociology, history of Russia, economy and law;
  • Delivering scientific seminars, conferences, round-table discussions on the acute problems of present-day Russia;
  • Development and implementation of scientific and educational programs aimed at the revival of Russia's best traditions in science and education, utilizing the progressive values common to all mankind;
  • Promoting the introduction of modern technologies into the research practice and the system of higher education in humanities and social sciences;
  • Building institutional capacity of scientific and educational establishments in Russia;
  • Promoting inter-regional and international collaboration in science;
  • Participating in various charity and humanitarian activities;
  • Providing assistance to the development and implementation of new technologies and conducting scientific research projects in education, including those targeting the implementation of the program Inter-regional research in social sciences, launched by Carnegy Corporation in New York (USA) and implemented by the the ISE-Center (Information. Scholarship. Education), the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Kennan Institute (USA) with collaboration from Carnegie Corporation in New York (USA), John D. and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation (USA) and Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation).

The newly established organization relied on long-term experience in the successful implementation of charity projects, modern educational technologies and scientific methodology, an extensive expertise database, a broad regional affiliates network, active collaboration with partnership organizations and international charity foundations.


Tel.: (095) 921-2065, 921-8257
Fax: (095) 928-7943

Address: 107078, Moscow, Bolshoy Kozlovsky per., 13/17

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